Autodesk® Digital Prototyping is an innovative way for you to explore your ideas before they’re even built. It’s a way for team members to work together across disciplines.

And it’s a way for individuals and companies of all sizes to get great products to market faster than ever before. From concept through design, manufacturing, marketing, and beyond, Autodesk Digital Prototyping streamlines the product development process from start to finish.

An Autodesk Digital Prototyping approach can help you:

  • Improve collaboration and innovation earlier in the design process
  • Drastically reduce your product design and development lifecycle
  • Gain more control over your design data
  • Be more competitive in a complex global environment

Contact us today and let us show you how Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping solutions are supported in all Autodesk manufacturing software right from the start, with open standards, scalable deployment, and cost-effective purchasing options.

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Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses software-generated realistic images, sounds and other sensations to replicate a real environment or an imaginary setting, and simulates a user's physical presence in this environment to enable the user to interact with this space. A person using virtual reality equipment is typically able to "look around" the artificial world, move about in it and interact with features or items that are depicted.

What is immersive VR?

Most 2016-era virtual realities are displayed either on a computer monitor, a projector screen, or with a virtual reality headset (also called head-mounted display or HMD). HMDs typically take the form of head-mounted goggles with a screen in front of the eyes. Some simulations include additional sensory information and provide sounds through speakers or headphones. But an immersive VR takes the experience one step further and allows for the user to walk, bend, jump, move, and interact across a room space matching the VR environment. In an immersive VR, you dive into the scene and feel the environment even more than just visual feel.

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KKMSoft are Trimble Nexala solutions authorised resellers. Trimble is a global leader in rail asset management technology. Trimble Nexala solutions can help across the spectrum of your asset lifecycle management from full fleet maintenance and real-time remote vehicle diagnostics, to in service vehicle performance, driver performance management and timetable adherence.

Trimble Nexala solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs, components and fleet type.
Informed by years of experience serving global rail service providers, Trimble is a complete, robust, integrated, and feature-rich asset lifecycle management suite. Trimble's rail asset lifecycle management products manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair. Find information about the key features of Trimble Nexala solutions on

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