KKM SOFT has a team of Autodesk certified and Microsoft Certified professionals who have dot Net, C++, Python, Java and ObjectARX capabilities to customize the following Autodesk products on offshore / outsourced mode

  • Revit MEP, Structure and Architecture
  • Plant3D with dot net API and python scripting
  • AutoCAD , Civil3D, P&ID, Mechanical and Electrical
  • Inventor and suites with dot net and ETO
  • NavisWorks customisation and Auto Reports
  • Vault Customisation and implementation
  • Cross product customization and translators
  • Custom links to DGN, 3rd Party CAD apps
  • Web services, Web interfaces to CAD
  • Mobile platform integration to CAD

Why automate your design process

  • Upto 80% Reduction in Design Time
  • Faster Response to Proposal and Production drawing needs
  • Reduce Errors and Drawing Checking time
  • Capture Design Knowledge and reduce skill dependence

Other Value Added Services

KKM SOFT specialises in providing other value added engineering services on offshore and outsourced mode such as:

  • PLM and PDM implementation with Autodesk Vault and Wrench PLM solutions
  • Customized PLM / Vault plug-in, Multi-site Replication and Web enabled PLM
  • Mobile based ETO, Design visualisation, sales automation and Mobile CAD interfaces
  • FEA Analysis services for AEC and Manufacturing Industries
  • Plant and Engineering Drafting and Analysis services.
  • Dotnet, java, Python and Engineering Development services

IoT enabled business transformation

Physical Digital Convergence

Physical digital convergence has the power to transform the way the world works. Our integrated field-proven solutions of IoT, GPS, VR and AR platforms from PTC , Trimble and Autodesk bring together the physical and digital worlds to reinvent the way you create, manufacture, construct, operate, maintain, monitor and service products. KKM SOFT brings together an ecosystem of partners and developers to help you capitalize on the promise of the IoT today and drive the future of innovation.

Building IoT Solutions Requires a Platform Approach

Building a complete system for IoT solutions can be a huge undertaking for even the most resourceful companies. It requires a lot of expert know-how, time, and capital – and in the end, companies end up plagued by long IT project cycles and low return on investment.

KKM SOFT brings to you more than one IoT platform technologies that work on different domains and service requirements. One is the ThingWorx IoT platform, which was purpose-built to fundamentally change how we connect, analyze, manage, and experience all “things” in our smart, connected world.


KKM Soft has expertise and capability to implement PDM and PLM for Design Data and Product Lifecycle management for improving design communication and efficiency of the design environment.

KKM Soft implements PDM with Autodesk's leading PDM solution Autodesk Vault. KKM Soft is capable of the following implementation services through onsite and online/offshore methods

  • PDM installation and configuration
  • Remote user configuration and Management
  • Vault replication server implementation and management
  • Customisation of Vault to suite specific user needs
  • Custom CAD viewers for unsupported CAD formats

Autodesk Vault data management software products organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups. Enjoy more control over design data with revision management capabilities, and quickly find and reuse design data, for easier management of your design and engineering information. Tightly integrated with Autodesk Digital Prototyping and Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications, Autodesk Vault data management software enables teams to more efficiently collaborate and meet tight deadlines.

KKM Soft implements PLM using Wrench solutions

The WRENCH software suite is a set of comprehensive, industry-specific products for the engineering/manufacturing sector. WRENCH offers medium/large engineering companies a cost-effective way to manage timelines, deliverable quality, processes, tasks, documents, and knowledge - all without spending a fortune on multiple IT solutions and products.


KKM SOFT has a qualified team of content creators and testers who can generate intelligent part libraries and catalogue for most Autodesk products.

The content creation capabilities include

  • Revit BIM Compliant content libraries
  • Plant3D content catalogue and Python scripting for parts and custom equipments
  • Inventor Content Centre parts and iLogic parts
  • AutoCAD Dynamic block libraries
  • AutoCAD Electrical symbols and libraries
  • Factory Design Suite parts and libraries

Revit Content Creation

KKM Soft has a dedicated team of experts to create BIM Compliant Revit Content for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure that can be parametric, attributed and database linked.

Plant3D content

KKM Soft has expertise in content Authoring for Autodesk Plant3D and Plant Design suite using powertools and python scripting.

Customer specific shape catalogs are created from standard shapes available in Plant3D using the authoring tool available from Autodesk called Powertool.

Further non standard parts and equipments are further authored using Python script and KKM Soft's dedicated shape capture tool.

  • Autocad Dynamic Blocks
  • AutoCAD Electric sysmbol libraries
  • Inventor ipart, iLogic and Content center library parts


Transforming and optimizing the utilization of your real estate, infrastructure, and facilities portfolio is crucial to sustaining an agile, high-performing organization. By allowing stakeholders to easily collaborate on both operational and strategic decisions you can quickly address organizational or market shifts. Through collaboration, ARCHIBUS helps promote viral change to generate cost savings and build confidence to innovate further. And by using just one integrated solution, you can leverage Pre-existing data, reduce inconsistent information, and eliminate redundant systems to reduce TCO. Whether you lease, own, or outsource your facility operations, you can increase productivity and boost portability with the most proven, integrated solution — ARCHIBUS.


  • Delivers confidence and transparency in decision-making with defensible information
  • Increases agility by aligning the workplace with the organizational strategy through Enterprise Information Modelling (EIM)
  • Improves operational efficiency with ubiquitous access to data, tasks, and processes
  • Enables world-class services through self-service portals and hybrid mobile platforms, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Ensures business continuity by implementing governance, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance processes and policies through role-based workflows and reporting


We Power the Creativity that Powers the World

BOXX manufactures computer servers, workstations, and rendering systems that accelerate performance for deep learning, visual effects, animation, game development, architecture, engineering, product design, simulation, and general business industries. Customers all over the world trust BOXX to deliver powerful technology solutions that allow companies, organizations, and individuals to get the most from their professional software applications and bring their creations to life.

The Right Tool for the Job

The software application market is populated with a broad range of professional 3D applications, so naturally, there are a wide variety of workflows, each with their own distinct hardware requirements. Is your software application single threaded or multi-threaded? Does it take advantage of multiple GPUs? What about high speed storage or sizable amounts of memory? There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing the ideal workstation, so abandon the "one-size-fits-all" approach. All BOXX products have a purpose, each with their own distinct features and capabilities designed to accelerate specific workflows.

The BOXX Advantage

BOXX has a simple philosophy: we believe creativity shouldn't have to be put on hold because of your hardware. For professionals using creative software applications like 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, ANSYS, Revit, and SOLIDWORKS, BOXX workstations are designed to remove these bottlenecks. We can accomplish this by thoroughly understanding the software you rely on and engineering optimized hardware solutions that address your workflow's time-consuming tasks.

Whether your focus is GPU rendering, CPU rendering, computational simulations, or 3D design & modeling, BOXX offers solutions that boost productivity and get you back to work faster. Whatever your workflow, there's a BOXX for you.


KKM Soft‘s Training is intended to impart Knowledge and skills on various Autodesk software. Our training courses and Content Creation focus on project based productivity enhancement training to employ the immediate training to Engineers and Architects to meet the demanding requirements of the Engineering industry. We provide Solution focused Productivity Enhancement Training Programs to the corporate. These programs will focus on methodology to reduce design time, improve quality and cut costs in your design environment. As an initiative to spread the culture of productivity and efficiency among the design community, our Technical team using time tested training techniques on various Autodesk Software, offers Training Services on a revolutionary new concept.

With this training program you can learn how your organization can increase your projects profitability due to the following advantages, which will help you in bringing more productivity to your Business.

  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce time
  • Improve on Clarity
  • Beat Competition
  • Industry focused
  • Time saving techniques
  • Tips & tricks


To understand the current workflow and provide Advance tool enhancement training, which enables users to get an understanding of the internal workflow through Autodesk Building Design Solution.

This milestone of training as follows:

  1. Understanding existing workflow
    • Organization Flowchart
    • Internal Data Flow
    • CAD Standards
    • Other Software Collaboration
    • Assessment of Knowledge and requirements on training
  2. Introduction on BIM Workflow
  3. Advance Technical Training
  4. FAQs
  5. Full deployment

Client Objective on Handholding Training:

To understand the workflow and streamlining it by providing basic to administrator level understanding on product. The training should enables the modeling should be carried under the Autodesk Revit with all project related advance attributes under configuration, which in further should be collaboratively shared by other disciplines. The major objectives of training are to:

  • Reduce conflicts on modeling
  • Improve overall project quality
  • Improving BIM Management
  • Achieving own standard


Mobility is rapidly transforming how organizations access critical business information and reports using Mobile Devices. The growth of mobility solutions has been fuelled by the rapid evolution of next generation mobile devices, high speed internet access and adoption of smart mobile devices including smart phones and tablets by the workforce.

The ability to view enterprise data and participate in business process from anyplace, anytime is the key in today's competitive world. This enables businesses to fulfil customer needs, improve productivity and make business critical decisions faster.

Organisations today need to look at addressing some of the key challenges highlighted below while looking at their mobile strategy and implementation:

  • Securing Enterprise Data on Mobile
  • Application Rollout and Maintenance
  • Device Management and Tracking
  • Choosing the right Mobile Platform
  • Application openness to support different devices in multi-device landscape

At KKMsoft, enterprise mobility is a key focus area. Our Enterprise Mobility team has highly skilled and qualified solution architects, application developers, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) consultants with extensive domain and technology expertise. KKMsoft offers end-to-end services ranging from Solution to Security Consulting and device management services. We deliver mobile solutions on various mobile platforms.

KKMSoft CAD software development experts are focused on design technology automation. We have a seasoned group of professional programmers and project managers who customize, automate, and integrate technologies, streamline processes, and enable new capabilities for clients large and small.

  • Engineer-to-Order - SDS professionals have helped many manufacturing design-to-order companies reduce their design engineering time by as much as 90%.
  • Process Automation - Eliminate repetitive design tasks and add speed and consistency across an organization. Transform a painstakingly process and condense it to a couple of mouse clicks.
  • VBA to .NET Code Migration - With the discontinuation of Microsoft's Visual Basic platform, Autodesk recommends that all automation be developed using the .NET platform. You can count on the SDS group. to help you migrate your current coding, ensuring that your day-to-day operations are not affected by this change.
  • Systems Integration - We have helped many customers across industries integrate disparate systems to gain the benefits of error elimination, time savings, speed and accuracy.


Pioneering Innovations in Digital Healthcare Marketing Through Advanced Technology

We build cutting-edge technology around customer-centric content through intuitive design based on customizable measurement metrics and reporting systems that deepen user experience, enhance customer engagement and result in desired outcomes

Augmented Reality

Integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor Augmented Reality Apps that can help bring your pack, paper advertisement, conference material or promotional material to life with audio and video –rich content.

Our Augmented Reality Services include:

  • AR Tablet/ iPad apps for use with promotional literature
  • AR Tablet/Mobile apps for use with product packs
  • AR Tablet/ Mobile apps for use with printed Ads


KKM Soft is specialized in providing Configurator Tools for the Modular Equipment Manufacturers.

3D Sales Configurator is a sales automation tool for space planning and configuration of products. The intuitive workflow guides you through the entire process from idea to reality – supporting every step of the sales process.


  • Creation of Design Layout
  • Automatic BOM & Proposal generation
  • 3D Visualization
  • Available in Cloud & PC


  • Easy to model/design a Lab with this Add-on
  • Quicker Sales Quote
  • Multiple variant selection in a single interface
  • 5X more proposal